Gold N Sand hand dredge

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This innovative gold prospecting tool will simply amaze you..... It is a suction hand dredge that sucks in gold bearing material on the upstroke, and discharges the material to a bucket on the downstroke with ease.No more tilting the suction tube into a bucket after every stroke. It flows very easy and has an optional boomer box that mounts over a sluice box or Gold Grabber. Now you can work the cracks where the gold likes to hide with ease with 3 nozzles that come with the unit. Run the material through a gold grabber, sluice, or gold pan. It doesn't get any easier than that!


This gold prospecting tool is a great addition to your gold prospecting supplies and equipment. It is an essential tool for finding gold nuggets, geology pick, gold mining tools, recirculating high banker sluice, gold prospecting, metal detecting, gold spiral wheel, gold panning, sluice box, flour gold, gold dust, drywashing with a dry washer, gold crevice tool, gold smelting, keene high banker, Jobe tools, 20oz gold pick rock hammer, gold maps, and all of your gold prospecting and mining supplies needs. Whether you are just learning and a beginner at gold panning or if your a gold miner who already knows how to pan for gold, this is the gold tool to use. LLC

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